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Welcome to PEARTEC s.r.o., a development and engineering company providing its products and services to the automotive and engineering industries.



Design and manufacture of moulds (tools) and injection of plastic parts together with multiphysics simulations verified by practical tests and prototypes are a core programme of PEARTEC.

Geographically, the PEARTEC activities are carried out in Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Portugal and Italy) and in China.

Basic range of activities:


  • Design of parts and moulds (tools) for injection moulding
  • Performing simulations of parts and moulds using Moldex3D – Professional software
  • Producing and delivering injection moulds (tools)
    • One-component injection
    • Multi-component injection: rotary table/index plates with integral or external rotary mechanism
    • Moulds including special finishes, gauging fixtures, boxes for storing versions and grippers for handling the parts
  • Small-scale batch deliveries of plastic parts and assembled units
  • External supervision and oversight in the production of injection tools


   > FEM simulation using RillFEM software

   > Development and production of equipment for induction heating

   > Production and repair of inductors

Design and calculations of applications reducing energy demand are among the activities that extend to both the ​​automotive and mechanical engineering areas.  


Besides the above mentioned, PEARTEC implements projects in the field of RENEWABLE (renewable sources) which are directly related to the main programme.

Company motto ‘Reveal the synergy’ is not a pun. ‘Reveal the synergy’ is an applied method of thinking and a way to ensure a fully functional and sustainable solution that does not require a lengthy and costly implementation. Try it with us.


CEO - Ing. Tomas Podlena

Cell:   + 420 602 191 834

SALES MANAGER - Ing. Václav Khin

Cell:   + 420 605 264 797 

OPERATION MANAGER -  Ing. Magdalena Mašková

Cell:    + 420 734 725 527

INDUCTION HEATING - Ing. Antonín Podhrázký, Ph.D

Cell:    + 420 734 725 527


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